Moving is always a very responsible mission. And a big responsibility is always a big stress.
However, not everything is as bad as it may seem – there are some ways that will make it easy for you to do this a difficult task. And the most effective method that facilitates this process is planning!
In order If you want to make moving pleasant and clear process, it is worth dividing the plan into several parts.
So, the first part: 60 before days.
*) Start a detailed survey of moving companies – read reviews and choose the best!
*) Explore the area you want to move – Is there enough shops, kindergartens, schools, polyclinics –check transport connections, etc.
*) Make a basic list of things to be transported first.
We go further – month before moving:
*) take up the registration of all necessary documents and certificates
*) Tell your doctor, bank, school, etc. that you will change the address.
*) Start searching for furniture and equipment if this is necessary
Two weeks before moving:
*) deal with all borrowed items – for example – return all books to the library
*) we start packaging – however, we should start with seasonal clothes – we leave the overall items and equipment for the last week.
Week before moving:
*) Check that all documents and agreements with the moving company are ready and executed.
*) make sure that if something goes wrong, you will have a plan B.
*) get in touch with a new doctor, bank, school, and so on.
*) If you move by the car – it’s the time to call the mechanic to check the car.
One day before moving:
*) collect everything you need to go – food, bottled water, napkins, hygiene products, etc.
Moving Day:
*) If something goes wrong, you still have a plan B! 🙂
Good luck!