The municipalities of the California cities of Beverly Hills, Indio and Redlands fined for water overuse in the background of continuing drought in the state.
They violated the 2013 decree on reducing water consumption by 25 percent. Each of the municipalities received a penalty of $ 61 thousand dollars for non-compliance with standards for the use of water sources.
According to the head of the state water control service, Chris Carrigan (Cris Carrigan), in September in Beverly Hills an average of 169 gallons of water (approximately 640 liters) was spent per person. At the same time, residents of the largest city in the state – Los Angeles – used an average of 68 gallons (about 257 liters). Carrigan blamed the wealthy citizens of Beverly Hills for spending too much water on “watering their lawns.”
Cheryl Fredling (Cheryl Friedling), a representative of the authorities in Beverly Hills, said that too wasteful residents will face personal fines.
One of the former townspeople, Richard Greene, doubted the effectiveness of such measures against the city. According to him, the fine in the amount of 61 thousand dollars “is too small for perhaps the richest city in the country, if not in the world.” “This is pocket money for the majority of those living here,” he added.
In June, American DJ and singer Moby blamed large farmers for an unprecedented drought in California who, according to the artist, use too much water. However, farmers said that farmers consume only 40 percent of the water. On their own initiative, they are ready to cut this volume by a quarter.
The unprecedented seasonal drought has been recorded in California for the fourth year. While meteorologists explain the drought to natural causes, politicians and community activists put forward alternative theories – waste among immigrants, herders, golf course owners, and oil industry workers.
According to 2010, the population of Beverly Hills is 34.1 thousand people. Many celebrities of music and cinema live in the city – Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone, Mickey Rourke, Eddie Murphy, Mick Jagger and others.